Body Treatments

Your skin health is an integral part of your overall health and wellness. Our estheticians believe wholly in the practice of a healthy lifestyle and its impact on the quality and appearance of your skin. Our estheticians are dedicated to being an active participant in your skin health – this is evidenced in the efficacy of our personalized treatments and products, our customized skin health regimens, and our commitment to professional development to bring you not just the latest in treatments but also the safest and most effective.

With programs designed specifically for various skin conditions, we treat a full range of skincare concerns with a focus on prevention, maintenance, and preservation.

Body Treatments

Detoxifying Seaweed body wrap

75 Minutes, $135

Fake a mental vacation for 75 minutes while your skin and body are detoxified. Beginning with a full body exfoliation using natural sea salt to remove the most superficial layer of dead skin cells. A hot towel removal followed by a seaweed mud mask for your entire body. Relax in a warm cocoon rich with sea minerals and essential oils. Finally a hot towel removal and a light pressure massage with a moisturizing body Butter or oil.

Sea Salt Exfoliating Body Treatment

60 Minutes, $110
This body treatment is 60 minutes of feeling renewed and refreshed. Sea salt naturally draws toxins from the body. While deeply exfoliating and promoting a fresh youthful glow! A warm towel removal and hot oil massage to leave you hydrated and in a state of tranquility.

Balencia Body Scrub

60 Minutes, $110

Heighten your senses with this invigorating, exfoliating dry brush treatment. This hand held body brush has so many health benefits when swept along every inch, it stimulates cell renewal, promotes circulation and eliminates toxins by increasing blood flow to the surface. Once the skin is thoroughly resurfaced a warm oil of your choice is applied and massaged In deeply to replenish your skins tone and texture. You will be left feeling silky smooth and renewed!

Balencia Coconut Sugar Glow

60 mins

This indulgent treatment is 60 minutes of pure bliss. Beginning with a full body deep exfoliation using all natural coconut sugar, that is then swept away by hot towels. Finally your skin is enveloped in a luxurious hydrating coconut body Butter with a custom pressure massage for ultimate relaxation.

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