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Balencia Medspa + Wellness –              Empowering Beauty

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…the most liberating thing is to realize you are the beholder.” ~Salma Hayek 

You can never be too passionate, too creative, or too healthy. So leap into love. Make art that breaks hearts. And be beautiful in your own eyes.
You work hard because life is there to be lived. You give your energy to the world because you know it will come back tenfold. Things change fast and you’re the one holding it all together. 
How we see our self is crucial. We need the confidence to walk into any room and know we are looking our best. Beauty is an idea we carry inside, that shines out to the world. 

Empowering beauty with clinical   excellence.  At Balencia Spa it’s our mission to empower you with beauty. Health and wellness are more than appearance. They are the key to a full and creative life. Each and every treatment at Balencia is designed with your beauty and wellness at heart. New medical technologies open up powerful options for health and wellness. Treatments that rejuvenate skin’s youthful qualities, and aid the regeneration of tissues, can reverse the clock of aging by a decade or more.
Balencia Spa was founded to deliver the most modern and powerful treatments under the highest standards of physician supervision. Our daily operations are overseen by a highly trained staff of clinical practitioners.

Placing you at the heart of beauty. You need treatments that fit around your life and schedule. At Balencia Spa treatments are available to suit your needs. Drop in for a 30 minute massage, or spend a day soaking in the spa atmosphere. You want treatments that maintain your health, wellness and beauty for tomorrow. Schedule a free consultation with our clinical staff and develop a treatment plan. Just a few hours a week dedicated to your wellness can produce outstanding long-term results.

Empower yourself with beauty today.  
We all owe ourselves time for good health. Life never stops, but sometimes we need to. Balencia Spa maintains a limited client list so we can give you the time and attention your beauty deserves. Registration is open today.

Empower yourself with beauty today.
At Balencia MedSpa.

We use latest Technology in true Spa ambiance

You get the best of the both worlds!
chemical peel

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can improve the skin’s appearance. They remove fine wrinkles, improve wrinkles caused by sun damage and aging.They also reduce freckles, age spots and melasma.

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sugar body scrub

Body Treatments

We offer a wide range of body treatments. Body treatments help with exfoliation, collagen stimulation, detoxification and relaxation

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Microneedling is also called collagen induction therapy. The expert technician uses a tool that contains very fine needles.Microneedling reduces wrinkles, improves scars giving your skin a youthful look!

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Come experience the secrets of relaxation

Take a much-deserved break, rесhаrgе уоur bаttеrіеѕ, clear уоur mіnd, аnd gо оfflіnе fоr a сhаngе. Our licensed massage therapists will customize a massage session that best fits your needs!

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Balencia Skincare

Balencia Skincare products are prescription grade products intended to promote good skin health and slow effects of aging. Our products are rich in anti-oxidant and contain active ingredients that have been clinically proven to be very effective.

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Balencia Membership Plans

Balencia members free massage therapy and various skincare services. Members also get deep discounts on other services and products.

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Rhode Island based blogger Patty J describes her experience at Balencia


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